Take Action: keep Camberwell Grove bridge closed

We’ve got an opportunity to save Quietway 7 in Camberwell, but we need your help.

Camberwell Grove is the middle section of what will soon be Quietway 7. The road includes a bridge over the railway that has been shut to motor vehicles since 2016. The closure significantly reduces motor traffic on a route that bypasses the deadly junction at Camberwell Green. The closure also improves walking routes to the shops, hospitals and public transport at Denmark Hill, and helps children get to the two nearby schools.

Southwark Council are currently asking what you think about re-opening the bridge to motorists. So we need to show that there is popular support for keeping it closed.  This could be the first step towards reducing air pollution and road danger across the whole area between Peckham and Camberwell.

Keeping the closure will have wider benefits for Quietway 7, which runs from Elephant and Castle to Crystal Palace. The original plans for Q7 proposed improvements to nearby roads and junctions that had to be dropped because there was too much motor traffic.

Keeping the bridge closed is also important for people who live, work or travel along the diversion route from Lyndhurst Grove to Chadwick Road. The bridge has now been permanently damaged by over-weight lorries, so even if the bridge re-opens, the largest and most dangerous traffic will be sent down the narrow diversion roads.

We say that the diversion route also needs traffic reduction and safety improvements. Supporting the bridge re-opening effectively means supporting increased lorry traffic through the whole diversion area. The only alternative is for everyone to support the bridge staying closed, and for everyone to support actions to reduce traffic on the diversion.          

Making the bridge closure permanent should unblock progress towards a quietway that is safe for cycling by all ages and abilities. Supporting the bridge closure means being able to call for additional safety improvements to the whole area between Peckham and Camberwell. 

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