Join our Climate Campaign

Climate change is the biggest threat facing humanity, and LCC has a long history of campaigning for a greener city. One with fewer cars, less pollution, quieter streets and much, much more high-quality cycling infrastructure – a transformation that will help decarbonise London, creating a better city and saving millions of lives.

But taking action to cut climate change emissions can be an overwhelming task - it clearly has been for politicians. The Mayor of London has already taken the positive step of declaring a climate emergency, but now what?

In London, 20% of all carbon emissions come from road transport. This is also one of the few areas that London politicians have direct control over. Decarbonising the cities road transport will be a vital and achievable step towards a net zero emission city. It’s also an achievable step that can happen rapidly.

Later this year, we will be launching a major new campaign to decarbonise London’s road transport. Want to be part of our campaign? Let us know you are interested in hearing more by signing-up today using the form below. We'll use the details you provide to send you emails about campaign news and actions, including ways to support LCC through membership and donations.