Join LCC at the Global Climate Strike, September 20th

Earlier this year, LCC supported the Youth Climate Strikers by organising a ‘Climate Strike on a Bike’, adding our voice to their call for urgent global action to avert catastrophic climate change. We will be joining them again on September 20th, leading a ride into the Global Climate Strike in Central London.

Start times and locations will be announced closer to the date. Please register your interest below and we’ll be sure to keep you updated.

Why is LCC joining the Global Climate Strike?

The climate crisis is the biggest threat facing humanity, and cycling has an important part to play in bringing about solutions. With 20% of London’s carbon emissions coming from road transport, a massive reduction in motor traffic and a rapid expansion of the network of high-quality cycling infrastructure is urgently needed.

Fortunately, this is an entirely achievable goal. We have a roadmap for decarbonising London’s road transport, and now we just need the Mayor and Borough Council Leaders to deliver it. Doing so will create a better city for everyone - one with fewer cars, less pollution, greener streets and much, much more high-quality cycling infrastructure – while helping cut carbon emissions, helping to protect the future of the planet and millions of people.