Help London stop the tide of motor traffic


During the coronavirus crisis, we’ve seen so many people out cycling. Keyworkers making their essential journeys, families and households enjoying the freedom of quieter roads while keeping themselves mentally and physically healthy. But as the lockdown eases and people start returning to work, London faces a huge transport challenge.

To maintain social distancing, tubes, trains and buses should only operate at a fraction of their former capacity, leaving people needing other options for travel. Unless more people can cycle and walk safely, a significant number will choose to travel by car. We are in danger of seeing motor traffic that far exceeds pre-lockdown levels, leaving us with:

  • Busier roads – meaning many will once more feel too unsafe to cycle their trips.
  • Higher levels of air pollution – threatening the health of Londoners, especially children, and increasing our risk from respiratory infections like Covid 19.
  • Increased carbon emissions – making it even harder for London to have zero carbon roads by 2030, a non-negotiable target if we want to avoid the worst effects of the climate emergency.

We urgently need our political decision makers to pull together and commit to delivering a radical transformation of the roads, so that we can all cycle and walk safely across London.

Please take two minutes to email your council leader now. Make sure your borough plays its part and commits to keeping motor traffic below pre-lockdown levels.