Property Developer Partnerships

When people move home their regular routes to places of work, education and leisure change, which makes it a fantastic time to encourage and support new, sustainable travel habits. This has benefits for people's fitness, health, happiness and well-being; it helps individuals reduce their carbon footprints; and it helps London tackle big issues like air pollution and climate change.

LCC has the expertise to work with property developers to provide the information and services new residents need to start walking, cycling and using public transport more. We can fulfill the active travel components of sustainable travel packages and provide information and support for residents in new developments. This may be to fulfill planning requirements or as part of a developer's commitment to its residents and the local community.

LCC can provide the following package:

  • LCC membership for each household.
  • Active travel advice and information on how to activate LCC membership to be provided as part of property manuals
  • Information and access to local cycling and community projects.
  • Help and advice for residents through our cycling advice service – including route planning and advice on cycling safe cycling

Case Study

In a housing development in the London Borough of Enfield LCC membership was part of the sustainable travel pack provided to residents in 58 new properties, alongside a TfL Oyster card and car club membership. We created inserts for the property pack with information for residents on how activate their memberships. This streamlined administration of scheme and made it simple for the developer to fulfill planning stipulations on sustainable travel.


Other ways you can work with us

Strategic Partner

Partner with us and we'll tailor a package of active travel interventions to work across numerous developments

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Cycling events and programmes

Our know-how helps create programmes providing residents with bikes and encouraging volunteering to stimulate sustainable community led cycle hubs

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Workplace Membership

Work with us to encourage your staff and contractors to cycle with our Workplace Membership

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