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LCC Membership for Ealing Cargo Bike Project users

Join the London Cycling Campaign with the Ealing Cargo Bike Project

Ealing Council are commited to supporting LCC and want Ealing Cargo Bike Project users to benefit from LCC membership. As a group member of the London Cycling Campaign, all Ealing Cargo Bike Project users can save 50% on the cost of individual membership. This means membership for one person for one year is just £25.

Why join LCC?

The London Cycling Campaign is a membership charity - we work to bring more high-quality cycling space (like the Cycle Superhighways) to the city; to fix dangerous junctions; to remove dangerous lorries from our streets; and to get more Londoners cycling. We want to improve cycling across the whole city, in every borough, for everyone.

If you cycle you should consider joining LCC as a member – mainly to add your voice in support of our work (more members means LCC is more effective when it campaigns and lobbies) but also because you’ll get a great package of benefits...

What you’ll get in return

In return for doing your bit, we’ve made sure you’ll get a whole host of money saving benefits:

  • £5m third-party insurance cover and access to our legal helpline if you’re ever involved in a collision
  • Discounts in more than 100 bike shops across London
  • The London Cyclist magazine delivered straight to your door
  • The opportunity to play a vital role in making our shared vision of a cycling London reality
  • Great savings and special offers with all these brands
  • Weekend leisure rides and priority places in top sportives

To join under this scheme you need to be a registered user of the Ealing Council Cargo Bike Project.

If you have questions about the Cargo Bike Project please email

If you have any questions about LCC membership please call 020 7234 9310 or email


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Thank you for supporting cycling in London!

We go further when we #ridetogether


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